Our Story

We are a Kenyan  Engineering firm, Uhandisi Communication ServicesLimited, which provides a wide range of services across the  engineering sectors.

We provide cost effective, quality and unrivalled service to all our clients. We recognize that many of our clients will have special needs and particular problems that are often unique to their specific sector and particular circumstances.We aim to achieve client satisfaction by delivering applicable and effective solutions and adding value by maintaining a lasting relationship with our clients, while providing collaborative, participatory and consultative implementation assistance.

Our scope of experience expands and could be flexible depending on market needs and trends.

Starting largely as a specialist in subscriber owned telecoms equipment installer, we have advanced ourselves since February, 2001 to serve GSM, TV and FM radio broadcast, renewable energy plant installers, electrical contractors, roof top works, biowaste management solutions and consulting services.

In short, we are an EPC (engineering,procurement and contracting) company.