Electrical Engineering

Our design teams work with Clients to design new or upgrade existing services to customers based on their stated needs. These designs include vaults that house transformers, switchgear, and other equipment based on the required customer load. Uhandisi can also provide the off-site civil and electrical design needed to route the cables from their existing locations to the new vaults. Uhandisi works on a variety of Reliability Projects. These involve updating existing infrastructure so that it meets the most recent standards. This could involve Line Clearance locations, Osmose Pole Replacements, Aging Infrastructure Replacements (Potheads, etc.), and other Corrective Maintenance items that are identified in the field. Uhandisi works in support of Storm Hardening and Grid Resiliency Programs. These programs are focused on making system infrastructure more robust to reduce outages caused by overload or storms. Overhead lines are commonly re-routed underground or replaced overhead with a more robust system such as aerial cable. Uhandisi works to design distribution solutions for potential NERC concerns with transmission lines. These points of interest are determined to be potential concerns based on worst case scenario modeling. Modifying the existing distribution poles and lines is a more cost-effective option than the transmission lines. Often, a distribution pole can be reconfigured to lower the poles and wires, or it may need to be re-routed underground. Uhandisi working closely with clients in public improvement projects for utility coordination and relocation designs.

Services include:

Feasibility Studies

Master Planning

Asset Management

NERC Resolutions:

Reliability Projects

Ampacity calculation

System load studies

Voltage drop calculations

Field walk downs

Electric equipment sizing

Distribution Automation (DA) 12kV and 34kV

Reclosers: Network Equipment Vaults Physical layout

Storm Hardening and Grid Resiliency

Solar / Photovoltaic Designs

Back-up generator designs

Plan and Profile conduit ductbank designs

Manhole and Vault designs

Construction support

Cable sizing